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Need photorealistic grey alien animated for short film

Posted: August 12, 2012
StarCentral Prodictions is looking for Need photorealistic grey alien animated for short film

Starting Date: Aug 11 2012, duration - 1-2 days

Job details: We need two brief insert shots of two aliens with their back to camera.

First shot are of two aliens acting mischievious in a work office staff kitchen, and one give heck to the other one. Shot is 4 seconds.

Second shot is two aliens turn heads towards camera and start walking towards it. Shot is 4 seconds.

We will handle all compositing and potential masking and can provide reflection map if needed, and we can help with shadow maps for final composite.

We can provide a rigged model if needed, but really need the animation and visual image to be realistic.

This is low budget project meant to finish a short film which will go into festivals starting in early 2013. My work has already been in over 15 film festivals and my work as Director of Photography and Director is high-end.

Please let us know your interest in this project.

Requirements: animation, photo realistic rendering

Location: Toronto, Canada

Contact info:
email - dhings@hy-way.com
web site - www.starcentral.ca
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