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Video intro needed

Posted: August 02, 2012

I resently thought of starting a youtube channel and is looking for someone who could do a basic name intro for me. it doesn't need to be anything at all advanced.
i thought of maybe a text "Gamewolf" with some basic outline of a werewolf upper body on it or something like that
( not a complex model, something like if u took the form of a werewolf upperbody and stamped it out in metal, something like that)
and then beneath it just the name of the channel. then just some animation of it so it looks nicerand like an intro, nothing advanced.

if anyone is willing to help me out with this i would appreciate it very much. i got some more ideas for it if you want to create something a bit more advanced but that's only if someone is interested in it.
the only thing i am asking for is that which i wrote above.