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gtx-580 w furryball or quadro 5000

Posted: August 01, 2012
It seems as though I can buy a gtx-580 w student license of furryball 3.0 (if need be) or a quadro 5000 for the same amount of money ($1,000). After seeing furryball 3.0 benchmarks its just hard to decide which option is better.

Infact if furryball can replace 30cpu's it seems as though its just worth getting whether I get the quadro 5000 or not and if I don't it ends up being the same amount of money as a quadro 5000, so whats your personal take? why?
Posted: February 08, 2013
3d artist gallery Andyba
gtx-580 has 512 CUDA cores and the Quadro 5000 has only 352 CUDA cores.

Gtx-580 has nearly double the performance of Quadro 5000