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Seeking 3D Renderer and Animator

Posted: July 27, 2012
3D Rendering & Animation Request for Proposal

About NewAge Products

NewAge Products Inc. (NAP) is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality, first-class home and garage storage products. As one of the primary leaders in our industry, we provide our customers with new and innovative storage products that are competitively priced to meet consumer's needs and budget. Our products are resold in major retailers such as Costco, Canadian Tire, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Home Hardware, and more.
NewAge Products is seeking responses from vendor(s) qualified to execute all of the following creative tasks for the NAP website

Projects & Tasks

• 3D Rendering
• Create visual 3D models that will eventually become physical objects prior to the manufacturing of products
• Create photo realistic 3D ‘product scenes’ for the marketing team, with various themes (ex. Automotive, Organized Garage, etc.) with the use of product models & props, providing design insight and creative direction along the way
• Manipulate and edit existing ‘product scenes’, using .existing CAD/.OBJ, 3DMax & other files, making tweaks, changes and design alterations where necessary
• Must have the working capacity to render out scenes and models in high rez. as needed for various forms of marketing materials
• 3D Animation
• Ability to create animated 3D animations/videos, with the potential to create 360 Virtual Tours of completed ‘product scenes’.
Submission Requirements

1. Proposal & Budget

Submit a proposal signed by vendor to include the following:
• Clear identification of which of project tasks are achievable
• A straightforward, concise description of capabilities to satisfy the requirements of company creative tasks identified
• Detailed hour rates, project rates, rendering rate etc.

2. Project Portfolio

Submit website URLs, images, videos, advertisements, packaging design, and any other supporting materials from Vendor’s past projects, including any projects the Vendor has previously worked on for similar companies.

3. General Conditions

NewAge reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals and to waive formalities and select the agency that best meets the needs of NewAge. NewAge holds the ownership rights to all native and final products and materials developed by Vendor for NewAge. All work must be submitted in a timely bases, meeting all deadlines. Deductions to NAP project fees to be deducted off final invoices for projects turned in late.

4. Submission of Proposals

Submit proposal materials in PDF format to marketingATnewageproductsDOTcom with “NAP 3D Rending RFP” in the subject line.