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WE NEED : Network Programmer-3D Artist-3D Animator [Unpaid]

Posted: July 19, 2012
Project Naruto Shadows :: Hi im a Team Member of Naruto Shadows , Im here beaucse we need some volunteers to work with us as soon as possible .

Forums :: www.NarutoShadows.com The Forums doesnt have alot of people but in the future will have thousands of users .

Project Details :: This Game is Naruto MMO we got 20 Team Members right know , all with different Tasks , This is a big project so we need at-least 1 hour a day .

What We Need ::

Network Programmer
3D Artist
3D Animator

Thank You

Contact :: Najjuv@gmail.com
Skype :: Najjuv

Preferable Skype So we can talk [ all team members have skype ]
Posted: November 03, 2012
Hello there I wold love to help your team as a 3d artist.
I dont have more than a year of experience but I think I can always help doing some models I will add you on skype