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who know how to do this? please help

Posted: July 10, 2012
hi i been looking for a tutorial all over the web on how to achieve this animated gold chain charms, if anybody knows how to please help me, im desperate!!

thank u!
Posted: July 11, 2012
Ok. Can you precise what is it that you can't handle with?
Posted: July 12, 2012
i want to learn how to make something like that, a chain with a moving charm just like in the links from beginning to end
Posted: July 13, 2012
Well... I suppose you won't find a tutorial for this particular object. I suppose that you're not familiar even with basics of 3D work because you wouldn't ask in other case. It's simple object but first you have to find out what soft you'll use if you didn't already. Then find something about sculpting basics, materials and lighting basics and animation basics of basics.