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3d Artist or Character Designer

Posted: July 09, 2012
SinisterRainbow is looking for 3d Artist or Character Designer

Starting Date: Now, duration - 1+ year, part time

Job details: We're looking for a full team member for our MoNK project - currently a full time programmer and musician (and several other musicians) - to help create a fantasy world.

We take anyone on the project who can lend time and devotion, but we're truly looking for someone to lead up the department with either a vision or great knowledge of modeling and willing to learn some of cryengine's awesome power. The modelling work for our game is not professional so far, but the programming and music is - you can take a look in our forums for weekly updates.

Requirements: We use CryEngine 3 (and are ready for cryengine 4), you can model in either Maya, 3ds max, blender, zbrush all will work directly with cryengine. For characters, I have personally done them in Mudbox, ported them over to 3ds max and maya, then imported them.

Location: We're from mostly USA, but people from around the world contributing

Contact info:
email - sinisterrainbow@gmail.com
web site - http://www.sinisterrainbow.com
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