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CGI artist need for web series featuring a TV actor

Posted: July 04, 2012
Hey there all,

We're a web series with ambitions to make it big and if we make it big, the entire team will and thats a promise. Already confirming a television/big screen actor, this is Powers, an online series to be broadcast on our you tube channel; TimeAndACuppaTea, for more information see the interview I had on comicsandmovies.com

The series is about a city called Waterside, our own fictional place where super heroes roam the streets by night and billionaire Brendan Rhyder runs his business by day. When a freak storm hits only the city and leaves four children with mysterious super powers it's up to Brendan and his best scientist Professor Nathanial Job to find them and solve the mystery of the Destiny plot.

The effects would include the super powers, we'd need 3D shots of the city and after effects specialists who can attend meetings on Skype regularly, if you're interested please PM me