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Needed: Female Model (3ds Max)

Posted: July 02, 2012
I'm working on a project (will post final pictures) and really really really need an HD model of a nude female. Below you will find the specs I would like, if there is a body part without a spec, please just make it look as beautiful and natural as possible.

General Overview:
Slightly built, rather young (around 19-21), not ripped, but not flabby either, a nice middle ground like most real models. Hight, about 5'8. Fair skinned, with no freckles/moles. Please make her look like she put on a lot of 'classy' (and very lightening, mostly white based) makeup. The body should match the face as closely as possible through the use of various makeups, etc.

Facial Features:
General: Slim, but not bony.
Nose: Slender, normal length, slightly upturned.
Lips: Full, but not large. A very rich red-maroon lip-stick (no gloss) please.
Eyes: Large, open, expressive blue.
Lashes: thick and heavily laden with maskara.
Eye Shadow: A subdued redish brown to match the lipstick.
Eye Brows: Please look at a picture of Ginger Rogers in 'Swing Time' to see the shape of the eyebrows, as well as a general way of putting on the makeup.

I would really like the face based on Ginger in that movie.


Very thick, Blonde, Wavy with some ringlettes, Reaching to the middle of her calf.

Size: Somewhat on the small side, but not too small. (I don't want huge breasts like most 3d models, just something pretty and natural.)
Nipple Colour: A light pinkish brown, very light, and not obtrusive.
Nipple Size: Small, 'firmed up'

Belly Button:
Size: Medium (please make it a pit, not a bump.)
Location: Slightly lower than normal.

Size: Not large, but not small either, somewhat full, but not obnoxious.

Detail Level: All parts should be very easily identifiable. Also, if possible, I would like to be able to spread it open and show specific parts (does not need to be animated or automated or anything, please just model it fully open so you can see the clitoris, labium majora and minor, etc.
Size: Not large, but not small.
Colour: A nice pinkish brown, very light, almost salmon.
Hair: None, please.

I prefer a rather wide pelvic floor if possible.

Length: On the long side

Size: Rather small
Fingers: Rather long
Nails: rounded, extending about 1/4 inch (1.25 cm) past the finger tips. Painted to match the lipstick.

Length: On the long side

Size: Rather small
Nails: Neatly trimmed, painted to match the lipstick and finger nails.

The model should be generally light, kindof 'airy' and innocent looking.

Here is a picture of basically what I want her to look like. (will add later, have to make 3 posts first....)

Of course, not in that pose, or with the clothes on, but that is quite near to the feel I am looking for.

I don't really have a deadline, as this is a personal project, so please don't feel like you have to have it done in 2 weeks. lol. If I show the final project to people, I will be sure to give you more than enough credit for a job well done! Also, like I said above, I will post some pics here (without breaking any rules of course) in which you will receive full credit for all parts that you make for me. I also will not share the model with anyone without your permission, and truly I don't intend to share her at all. Wink

Please, please, please, make her as HD as possible. I want her to look as real as possible.

Thank you very much for considering my request!