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Spare-time hobby for a damsel in destress

Posted: June 11, 2012
Okay so here's the deal; I just got married - yay! Smile

But I have no weddingring Embarassed Maybe I'm too needy, but the ring I reeeaaaally want is very expencive, so I'm doomed to a life of ringlessness Sad

But then it hits me! I'll make my own ring! My though was to manufacture my own ring using [cubify, 3D modelling for blonds]. I'll just design my own ring and print it, right ? Wrong. Hence my username.

Can someone help me please? Design some kind of wedding ring for me and upload maybe a photo and enclose the .stl files, so I'll be able to print it.

I've been thinking how to get a cheap but kickass ring to symbol our love and this is my best idea. I have no requirements to the design.

I'll need a file for each ring, size 52 (6) and 59 (8 3/4).

Thank you soooo much <3 <3 <3