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Indie game dev team needs 3D Artists... possible royalties

Posted: June 02, 2012
CryoLith Studios is looking for Indie game dev team needs 3D Artists... possible royalties

Job details: CryoLith Studios is a small indie game dev team. We are working on our first game, based on a medieval fantasy book called Waiting Game.

We are in need of talented and dedicated 3D Artists. If you are capable of working with Blender or have your own COMMERCIAL license for another 3D modeling application, please provide a sample of your work to us via our listed email address (cryolithstudios@techie.com).

We are creating this game to expand our portfolios and gain an understanding of the game production life cycle, including marketing of a finished product. If our game ends up commercial quality, it will be sold with royalties going to ALL production team members.

Requirements: 3D Modeling software, preferably Blender (if other software MUST have COMMERCIAL license)

Time - if your schedule does not permit you time to commit any time to our team, it will just lead to frustration on your end and lack of product on ours.

Commitment - if you are uncommitted, please do not reply. This is a game that will make it to completion and uncommitted team members will not help us reach our goal.

Motivation - This is a KEY factor. If you bring motivation to the team, it in turn will inspire others to keep going. Your work alone can be all the motivation someone else needs to produce higher quality work on their end.

Location: San Diego, CA (but team is internet based)

Contact info:
email - cryolithstudios@techie.com
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