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Sci-Fi 2D and 3D Artists for Blog-Story Site

Posted: May 23, 2012
Katz Creations/PryeWorld is looking for Sci-Fi 2D and 3D Artists for Blog-Story Site

Starting Date: immediately, duration - At pleasure of Artist

Job details: Our storyblog content and design Will be high-end and so will it's artwork.
Our site is aimed to get the attention of game and production houses.
Seeking artists for futuristic scenery, ships, characters, etc.; Realism our first choice, but good Concept Art wanted also.

We supply sketches for you to work from; after you get the idea of the world(s) we want to convey, it's up to you.

We will promote the heck out of all our artists w/ Facebook, YouTube, and whatever promotion we can think of because we want a reputation as a place where the more talented newcomers go to get known and where the companies go to see new talent.

Any questions: pryeworld@hotmail.com
(we'll answer them all via email or in person)

See our promo video to get some idea of the quality of the site (which should be online by end of next week).


Pryworld/Katz Creations

Requirements: Entry-level industry talent. Willing to work w/ creator (easy).

Location: San Diego, CA.

Contact info:
email - terrygauthier@roadrunner.com
phone - 619-925-5021
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