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3D Printing Services

Posted: May 14, 2012
Hi Guys!

I have something that might get you interested in- 3D printing services.
Let me explain :]
Iím working in Maxmini(maxmini.eu). You can check what we do for a living on our web site, but itís not the main thing i want to write in this post.
The thing I want to share with you is 3D printing services we provide .
You donít need to worry if you are a professional or maybe 3d modeling is just a hobby to you, our offer is directed to everyone.
So how does it look like?
Let me give you some basic informations, more you can find on maxmini3d.eu (itís still a beta version).
The two most important things: quality and prices.
We are able to do prints in very high resolutions but with quality the price rises .
For example 28mm model should be something about 50-70 EUR and
in price you get up to 3 high quality resin casts.
We work with almost all kinds of files but most wanted are .STL and .ZTL formats.
If you have more questions jus write me a message at 3dprinting [at] maxmini.eu, write a post in this topic, send me a PM or simply check our website maxmini3d.eu