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Modelers and freelance 3D animators

Posted: May 12, 2012
Salary: the profit of the game is split evenly when we sell it

Pirate Entertainment is looking for Modelers and freelance 3D animators

Job details: Being on our team means you need to be dedicated to the project.
Our game is a futuristic, top down shooter.

We need a good amount of models for in game, and a good amount for the cinematic we plan on doing.

If you are interested in working to develop a game with your talent of modeling, then we could use your help. Please contact me a bwebster890@gmail.com

all profits you make will be received at the end of the project when we sell the game.

Requirements: You should have some decent experience in animating as well.

Location: your local computer

Contact info:
email - bwebster890@gmail.com
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