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Project NATION RODERA officially recruiting!

Posted: May 03, 2012
Hi There,

Website: It still in building.
Contact Information: nonolegrand@hotmail.de

I am looking for team members to help me out with my project. Nation Rodera its just started been designed as a RPG based on FPS (Single Player)with 3D engine similar as Unreal Tournament or Oblivion. To all of your who maybe would like to join me,I am lead designer. But due that a few of the members cannot be a full time members, that is why I need help.

Nation Rodera is a game of adventures and action in Celtic time ,with magician and warriors (Men, Female) . The main features of the game is the landscape with overview including, villages, mountains, forests, cattles, lake, rivers ect.
Nation Rodera is divided in three kingdoms, two by the power of men and a third by women, the goal in this game is to find the lost Talisman. Taking you into depth forests, crossing villages and mountains and fighting with the enemies, creatures across the journey, till find the Talisman where its located in the depth of the Tuama Mountains.

Due that its our first project and I am not expecting potential member, we will credited fully in the release and if there is any financial gain is achieved, then, all members will also be awarded with financial compensation for their contribution.

Due that this team have some young student members . The project need artists and programming aspect of the game. To create a team to be responsible for the above tasks and making permanent. Regarding hardware, to present this game on PC, Windows XP and newer.

Currently I need programmers, Designers, Artist, Programmers and Developers. I have done the HCD,The History,The MAP,The Background Story from the principal character,the background story about the Talisman,The Pitch document,MMOG Analysis, The Story Bible, The music for the introduction cinematographic .The art concept is already commenced with 2D and 3D sketches

I am the project coordinator as designer from this project . I am looking for more recruitment to my Project.

This project is in it early stages of development and it need lack of software. A challenger to those people who want to do sometime very creative and be part of our team. If you think that its made for you, please do not hesitate to contact me.Looking forward to heard from you. Send me your email.

All feedback is welcome.
Thanks a lot for taking your time on reading my post, and please do not hesitate respond in some way to this thread,even if just keep it visible in the forum. I am very much involve and exciting in this project, looking for the right team to cooperate with me.

Best Regards


Very Happy