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Posted: April 22, 2012
Team ZaGames is recruiting at this moment for a serious game development.
Bellow you will find the information needed about the game, the team and your earnings.

PLEASE NOTE: At this point any skill / knowledge is welcome to join the team.
We are not looking for professionals since professional would need upfront payment, rather, we are looking for journeys experienced developments and beginners if they are committed enough and able to learn with the more experienced developers.

How we work in team:
SKYPE for group chat, online 24/7
ASANA for group task management online 24/7
DropBox for files exchange and storage. Also, Game will be built inside DropBox so everyone sees the progress taken.
Change Log file inside dropbox is a word file where we keep all changes saved so everybody follows the progress.

What will be you earnings
As said before we do not work with upfront payments, yet, the game is to be sold in Steam(1). By doing so, the game is easier sold worldwide and also without doubt known by more players, increasing clients. By doing so, the revenue of sells will be divided by everyone in a percentage, being the percentage created seeing the work done by the member, giving it a fair share of income.

(1)How so?
R:. Steam contract will be done in the way that steam gives payments to every one on the Percentage base given, and IF steam does only pay to one person, I will show the document sent by steam to every member so they see the payments fit.

(Updated 22.04 New Member)
Members Already in team and positions
Steven Siffel(Me) - Lead Developer , Lead Concept Artist, Story Writer, Game/Lever Designer
David: Lead Programmer
Zethariel: Programmer
John Colgrove: Sound Artist, Writer
Shawn Soles: Lead Sound Artist, 3D Modeler, Texture Artist
Tred: Animator

Any skill/abilility is welcome at this stage , so feel free to PM me, and please Reply Thread so there is activity in it making me avoid bumps.

Game GDD is already done, yet, I will not post it by full content, rather putting only the most important for you to know.

**From GDD
1.1 High Concept
In the rural town of Gathering Village, mysterious murders have been taking place after nights of full moon. There were also rumors about a cellphone game where you could see your soul mate and try to conquer is love, but the game only was available to play at midnight when the sky was lighted by a full moon. After hearing about a recent unsolved murder which occurred during the fool moon nights, the protagonist, Daisuke Katsurou, and Makoto Masaru discuss how each of them had attempted to play the cellphone game in which the victim appeared. They later realize that their souls can phase into the cellphone set as a gateway to enter another world infested with “Fragments”. Thus begins an adventure to discover the connection between the Cellphone game and the murders and kidnappings around town.

1.2 Game Description
LIVED Bacwards gameplay and style are similar to the “Persona” game series. In LIVED Bacwards you work around social links and have a dungeon crawling like experience.
Features such as Friendships, Soul Resonance and the daily life routine bring a new experience to PC gaming.
The special cellphones work as soul gates where the heroes can ear their own soul talking to them in order to summon their inner warrior form, Soulus.
The battles are turned based similar to other RPG’s(Persona, Final Fantasy, Last Remnant…), where the player is allowed to deilver orders to the character to perform attacks, use items and powers.
The player will also have a limit of time to crawl the dungeons that with time will be extended. The system called “Soul Interference” works around the idea that the body in the real world is loosing contact with the heroes soul, making it imposssible to continue figthing inside the dungeons.
Later on in the game there will be also a future to “reegen” the timer using a “power” of a character yet to be revealed.
After a battle end the player will win experience and soul fragments wich later are used to create “summons”.
Battles occur after school if the player chooses so, and at full moons when the players must go inside the other world in order to follow the story.
This gives the player time to train battlewise or to be involved in social activities.
Social Links / Firendships play an important roll in the game, beeing devided in 7 levels, and each level in points (not seen by the player).When the player reaches the points needed to level up the firendship, it will do soo. Each friendship enables the player to perfom better in battle as also opens paths in the story and even enable different endings for the game. With the friendship system you need to hang out with the person and take decisions about your actions or dialogue responses, where each coice has the according Firendship EXP and results. You may also go for a Love path in which the frienship limit goes up to Level 10 and ends up with a special bonus and item. To create the experience more realistic and even more fun, you may even do the Love path with someone of the same gender.
The game ends when the last unit on a team dies and the team.

1.3 Style and Tone
The look and feel of LIVED Backwards is an anime stylization, which is fun and fresh without being overly violent or the typical look in most games. While the focus of the game is in the mysterious story, the art style focuses on presenting the disturbing ambience with minimal gore in it. The purpose of the art style is to make a unique, fun world that players enjoy and that is very approachable for gamers of different ages and experience levels since there won’t be too shocking screens yet any one more experienced can easily understand the disturbing story and characters that surround the protagonist.

More info can be given afterwards.

I can show concept art in skype.

Skype: Steven Siffel/ Za.Games
E Mail: zadarkus gmail com