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Motion capture web applicatioon

Posted: April 20, 2012
Darian divIT
Hello everyone,
I am planning to build a web application that you might find interesting, and would be very glad to hear peoples thoughts about it.
The web application would allow users to insert real time motion capture effects to their live video stream.
My goal is to have people without animating skills to create video content with motion capture effects.
I would like to know
1.) Would the creators of rigged character models be interested in offering your models at such web site? My plan is to offer 3d models to be used in web application for very low price. Your models would reach wider audience who would use them and and even wider audience who would see them. Users of the web application would have to place the link to your full price models in the video description, so those interested in using your models professionally could buy the models for your full price.
2.) Would people browsing the models be interested in real time motion capture preview? How do you currently examine and evaluate models?
3.)Would you even be interested in using such a web application? Smile