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Environmental Artist/ Level Designer/ Animator

Posted: April 20, 2012
Ryonaga is looking for Environmental Artist/ Level Designer/ Animator

Starting Date: ASAP, duration - Probably next 2-3 months

Job details: Duration depends on how busy you are in real life, this is going to be a free-time type job to me, but I am committed to completing it.

Talking upwards of 10% of the profits

Making 3D adult game made with Unity3D. I am going to be the lead programmer.

-Environmental artist

-Character Designer

-Character Animator

This is going to start off small,

3 different levels

6-8 enemies, 4 simple animations with 2-3 complex animations

1 main character female, probably 20 different animations.

7-11k polygons average a character model.

Game expected to sell at least 2k copies.

contact: hongfire-soldier321@hotmail.com

Requirements: Exporting the models and animation to fbx

Location: Georgia

Contact info:
email - hongfire-soldier321@hotmail.com
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