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3D Animator / Modeller

Posted: April 20, 2012
davidpeart.com is looking for 3D Animator / Modeller

Starting Date: 15 Apr 2012

Job details: I'm busy building a virtual team for the production of high-end CG + video walls for major events in China. At the moment, I'm looking for one or two good 3D animators I can work with. The first phase of the project will involve producing a demo video to showcase the team's abilities to my clients. If we do a great job and they like what they see, then this will lead into paid projects.

The initial job involves creative input from the animator, then the production of assets or sequences which will go into the final reel.

Requirements: I do not care what your educational background is, as long as you are passionate about what you do, flexible, and a good team player. The person I'm looking for will need to take part in virtual video conferencing events at odd hours in order to get the job done, and will have to work in a virtual office with several other creative individuals.

So the most important requirements here are a teamwork mentality, professionalism, and the ability to work to a deadline. And being good at what you do.

Location is of no consequence as long as you have access to Skype and a reliable, fast internet connection.

Location: Anywhere

Contact info:
email - david@davidpeart.com
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