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Introducing Myself

Posted: April 20, 2012
David Peart
Hello 3D community! I'm a video producer / director living and working in China (originally from Australia). Increasingly, my clients are looking for 3D work included in the videos I produce. Unfortunately I've found that local companies, while fast and inexpensive, tend to be only good at reproducing what they already know, and don't have the creative fire that I need in a partner. So, I'm looking to this forum to "meet" some of you, and hopefully establish some mutually profitable relationships.

Please note that although I can receive messages on this forum, as of today, I am still unable to read them.... Neither am I able to post my email address in the forum. So, if you'd like to show me what you've been doing, ask me how life is in China, or just talk about the weather, then (for the moment) please respond to this post in-forum.


Posted: November 04, 2013
David Peart, "how life is in China"?
Smile Sincerely are you still looking for partners?