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Building Virtual Team from China

Posted: April 17, 2012
David Peart
Hi there. I'm looking for passionate, teamworking 3D modellers and animators to become part of a virtual team. My clients require more and more animated 3D modelling built into their display videos. Unfortunately the local workforce is not yet up to speed with the skill-set and particularly the creative side of this kind of work.

We are not building games, but high-resolution wall videos that are used once during major events in sync with a choreographed show including dancers, vehicle stunts, and speakers.

At the moment I am building demo reels in order to convince clients that we have the capability to provide. Once this phase is successful, future projects would mean paid work for the right artist.

If you're interested in doing something very different in a highly creative virtual team and environment, please contact me and lets see what we can do together. PLEASE NOTE: At the moment I still cannot access my private messages (apparently I need to put in 10 posts before this will become possible), so please respond to this post in-forum or try to use the email address included in my profile (as I can't post it here either...).

David Peart
Posted: April 21, 2012

I would like to know more about this project, you can contact me at deepagbansal @ gmail . com