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Posted: April 17, 2012
Hello, I am working on a career paper for school and I am required to conduct an interview. I came across this website and I am wondering if I could get someone to help me out. I need some questions answered in the feild of Computer Animation.

Are there professional Computer Animators who do it for a living who could answer some questions for me?
Posted: April 17, 2012
It can be freelancer or it have to be someone working in some studio?
Posted: April 17, 2012
3d artist gallery mierhao
I think you can post your question directly on the forum.
Posted: April 17, 2012
Yeah, that would be good idea Smile
Posted: April 19, 2012
Anyone can answer the questions. They just need to be in Computer Animation. More than one person can answer these questions. Please answer as soon as possible.

What made you decide to enter this feild or profession?

Do you enjoy this feild of work?

What is the average salary in this type of work?

Does this job have good job security? Why or why not?

What do you do on a day to day basis?

What are some of the upsides of the job?

What are some of the negitives of the job?

How long have you been working in this feild?

What do you enjoy most of this job?

What are some of the benifits?

Do you like the location of the job?

Why did you pick this job?

What got you interested in this feild?

What type of schooling is nessasary?

Would you do this job your whole life?

How much do you get paid?

Are you happy with the job you picked?