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UltraRender - request for 3D models to test

Posted: April 16, 2012

some of you has probably already been in contact with UltraRender service, which allows to create visualizations and animations interactively on renderfarm based on GPU processors. We're currently working to improve our software and we're going in the right direction - right now we run quality and performance tests of the BETA-commercial version.

However, we still need some time to be able to honestly say: "everything is ready!" This is the moment, when we're counting on your help.

If you work with ArchiCAD, Revit, SketchUp, Cinema4D - send us your files, so that we can check their compatibility with UltraRender! If you use Modo, Maya, XSI, Lightwave or others - your works would also be helpful.

Models sent by you will serve us only to conduct internal tests of UltraRender service. We respect your copyrights and we guarantee to respect them. Each of you has their own habits or patterns of freating geometry or 3D scenes - so every file is slightly different. We want to continuously develop UltraRender service and provide compatibility with increasing amount of applications. That is why your help is very important to us.

Anyone who wants to help us, can expect a modest prize: some amount of RenderPints (the virtual currency that can be used in the UltraRender service) or simply free visualizations of your project (made by us, of course, with UltraRender;)). The most interesting projects that will be sent to us, would be also - by your permission - published in our gallery (with a note about the author).

You can send your models and 3D scenes by e-mail (which you can find on our web site) or - if you wish - we can provide you our FTP to upload your files.

We can assure you, that even the smallest model will be valuable for us.

Best regards
UltraRender team