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Posted: April 08, 2012
Blackbow Software Co., Ltd (Digital Shock East Network is a division of Digital Shock Co.
We are a team of dedicated professionals that have more than 10 years in the outsource gaming industry. We have been cooperated with a lot of successful game developers, such as Microsoft, Activision, THQ, Big Huge Games, EA play, Shiny, along with others.
We have experiences of creating game arts & animations for a variety of game genres, including next-gen title, pre-rending game for Iphone & PC(hidden objects game & strategic game), etc, among them, some games use Unity3D, torque engines, etc.

We provide:
Low Poly 3D Models
High-res 3D Characters with Animations
Hidden object backgrounds
Hidden object Assets/props(2D&3D)
Photorealistic 3D Arts
Game Assets/Props
Game Environments
Pre-rendering assets

For Next-generation game:
Digital Shock provides the highest in next-gen quality real-time 3D artwork. We are able to competently adapt to any art style required of us to accommodate the very specific needs of our clients. Our production process is optimized to ensure that our clients will achieve the greatestpossible value from our services.

For Low polygon:
Low polygonal modeling is widely used for games running on limited resource platforms,
or casual games.

We offer services include:
Optimized Texturing
Level of Detail Optimization + Rigging( Biped/bone support)
Exporting( Torque3D, Unity3D,To Unreal Ed, Doom3,etc)
Our staff is well trained in the deployment of low polygon models, and has done work for several pre-next-gen commercial titles on consoles such as PS2 and PSP.

For pre-rendering:
We can create 3D works, and then render them in to different format to fit your game, like .swf, .fla, etc. We have completed 2 main projects for hidden objects games including background and 2D in-game objects and cut-scenes, etc
If you are interested in our service, please contact me or Thanhda. And we need the following info to give you a quotation:

1. Artstyle and quality samples (or similar game's name)
2. tri-counts limitation for each assets, texture size, animation list, assets list with your specific requirements
3. Which 3D tool you require, and the version of this tool.

If you are interested in our service, please contact me at melinda[at]blackbowsoftdotcom


Melinda CHANG