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I need your input! Crash Rescue training animation...

Posted: April 07, 2012
Hi Guys,
I am a Firefighter in Australia and I am currently working on a training package involving Patient Extrication (Rescue) from motor vehicles.
I would like to develop a site that could show videos of 3d models (hopefully rendered!) of vehicles with animation to show the techniques used when during extrication.
I would like the videos to show each step with text information popping up at various points and "Fly arounds" of the scene to enhance learning.

My questions are:
1. What software would be best for this? ( I realise the are are many, I need to narrow it down to find the right person for the job).
2. Is this a large amount of work? ( the steps vary from around three to ten).
3. Is there a way to have the lessons interactive instead of a straight movie?

Hopefully these questions are not too broad...... I appreciate your input!