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Adding armor to models job

Posted: April 03, 2012
Salary: Depending on armor complexity and your quote for the work.

Xenimus is looking for Adding armor to models

Starting Date: asap

Job details: I will give you OBJ files of a male and female character. Both are about 1700 triangles. I would then need you to retexture some parts of the model and maybe add some polys for a new armor. So for example you might add plate armor by expanding the size of some body parts to account for the thickness of the metal and maybe add polys for some shoulder pieces. Some armors may need spikes or designs depending on how elaborate the armor is. The male and female need to look as if they are generally wearing the same kind of armor with changes for female anatomy.

Requirements: - The scale of the models cannot be changed.
- Poly count is a factor and it needs to be kept low.
- An armor should cover or be textured onto the chest, upper arms down to the elbow, and down to the knees.
- Armor can be created by adding polys or retexturing or a combination of both. Unseeable polys need to be deleted.
- All texturing needs to go on a new texture, no changes can be made to the existing textures. One texture for the male and one for the female. If you can get both armors on the same texture and reuse some parts that would be great. I only need the diffuse.

Location: USA

Contact info:
email - ejthayer@yahoo.com
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