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3D Artist Looking for Work

Posted: March 31, 2012
Hey everyone, my name is Corey Purdy I'm a freelance 3D Artist / Programmer and I've been doing freelance work for almost 2 years now.

Here are some of my services in which I offer @ reasonable rates

-3D Modelling (Low & High Res)
-UV Mapping, Baking Geometry, & Texturing
-Scaleform Programming (Unrealscript & AS2)
-Gameplay Programming (Unrealscript)

Here is a link to my portfolio website: animation.loyalistcollege.ca/students/cpurdy/

Resume: animation.loyalistcollege.ca/students/cpurdy/coreypurdyresume.pdf

You can contact me by email @: coreypurdy@gmail[dot]com
by Skype: corey[dot]purdy

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.