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3D Artitst Consultant job

Posted: March 31, 2012
Salary: $100

Hell Creek Sanitarium LLC is looking for 3D Artitst Consultant

Starting Date: soon, duration - several days

Job details: We are looking for someone with experience in creation of 3d art as well as texture and posing figures as well. We are developing an interactive serial graphic novel and so to fund it we will be putting it on Kickstarter. Details of the plan need to be worked out such as the process (creating 3d images, rendering them, and saving 2d images to insert into an InDesign template) as certain costs and time required to finish the 3d project. This is a consultant job and we will need assistance with filling in the gaps to the process i.e. determine time it takes to finish certain items and general costs to expect for those items. This will be based on conversations we would have and you showing general costs from different places on the Internet as well as how long it would take to complete those items. We would also discuss if things should be done from scratch or if buying premade items would be worth it for the project. Discussions would be through email, or voice/video. This would take a couple days at most to advice on our project.

All selected artists get the following (Compensation Package):
Credit for your help in creating the interactive graphic novel.
o The selected expert will have a line item credit on the Publishers page of all twelve graphic novels (Technical Consultant).
o The selected expert will have a listing on the HCS website as a 3D Technical Consultant as well as a link to their website and/or Facebook page.
A free pdf or epub copy of a graphic novel #1 and graphic novel #2.
A single gift voucher for an HCS product at RPGDrivethru.com.
The consultant will also be paid $100 for their time and experience.
If interested contact Norm at lordofkhaos@hellcreeksanitarium.com Please provide examples of your work and explain how your experience would help our project.

Requirements: Experience with creating, wire framing, texture, and posing of 3d art

Location: Internet

Contact info:
email - lordofkhaos@hellcreeksanitarium.com
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