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The Clockwork Revolution By TriumVerityGames - Positions Ope

Posted: March 29, 2012
Triumverity Games is looking for The Clockwork Revolution By TriumVerityGames - Positions Open!

Starting Date: 3/28/12, duration - unknown

Job details: The Clockwork Revolution

- Positions Open!
Greetings ladies and gentleman. We are Triumverity Games and we have some positions that are in need of your special talents to help us produce our first game “The Clockwork Revolution”. We are looking for the best and the brightest that are willing to work hard and reap the benefits of truly unique concept as well as working with a great cast of characters.

Project Details

What Is The Clockwork Revolution?

The Clockwork Revolution is a Steampunk themed Action RPG. Yes, you heard me right Steam punk. Picqued your interest? Good.
TCR takes place in the fictional nation of Cognier. After two devastating wars, The Cognier government has oppressed its citizens and has resorted to using Mechanica (clockwork based automatons) to do the work of man. The disgruntled masses have formed the Unitas rebellion with the sole purpose of taking down the Cognier's and their machines in order to restore the balance.

The story will follow the actions of the main character Jack Smith as he works towards accomplishing the rebellions goals. Jack must acquire weapons, assets, and recruits, while at the same time using guerilla tactics such as weakening critical Cognier facilities. Along the way Jack will discover the truth behind their power as well as find out the mystery behind the his own personal torment.

Gameplay in TCR is determined and influenced by the decisions that you make, whether it is to help a criminal escape, or sacrifice the few to save the many. Everything you do has consequences, and those consequences affect the story. There is no simple morality system here. The things you do may help or hinder your progress. It is up to you to determine what course of action is best.
Combat is a combination of third person shooter utilizing a cover system. The player can take a more aggressive stance and fight against enemies or take a more tactical approach using weapons, gadgets and environmental hazards.

Game Modes
Campaign Mode (Top Priority) - The campaign mode will have an exciting story line which that deals with the fictional history of Cognier the mess it is in. Along the way new allies and new enemies will reveal themselves and their motivations. Nothing is ever as it seems. As you further progress through the game, you discover more and more about what is going on around you while making it through to an exciting conclusion.

KEY Features
· Steam Punk setting
o The game is set in a Steam punk/Industrial era. Common features of this era are steam, gear driven (clockwork) and the newly discovered mystery element known as HD.
· Large variety of weapons.
o We have a variety of different weapons estimated to about (14) ranging from pistols all the way up to HD powered lasers, all done with a steam punk flavor, setting them apart.
· Story written by professional talent.
o Speaks for itself. We have a professional published author on our side, dedicated to the project.
· Powered by the Unreal Engine
o You know what to expect if you are reading this. This project is powered by one of the most robust and flexible gaming engines on the market, which we will utilize to the fullest.
· Huge Interactive Levels
o Levels that aren’t just set pieces, places to hide or eye candy, but places to take cover, or even use against the enemy. Levels that are as cool to look at as they are to battle in.
· Combinable Gadgets and Chems for Offensive and Defense
o Use and deploy chems and gadgets to augment your strengths or boost your defenses. Combine certain ones for a more potent effect.
· Real-time Choices.
o Choices that are responses to actions not just words.
· Eclectic cast of characters.
o From thieves to chemist, each character has their own motivations for helping the rebellion, and provide more backstory to an interesting and exciting world.
· Work with a secondary character
o A squad mate to provide back-up as well as change a situation by providing unique skills that Jack doesn’t possess.

There are more key features. These are just the tip of the iceberg.

Our Goals
Our goals are simple. To produce a work that shows our talents and desire as indie developers and gamers. We are making great strides to produce a game that even the big AAA companies would want to take credit for, but to continue to do this we will need your help.

Funding is always a difficult thing, but if you produce a project that is strong enough, you can get people interested. With that we have decided in the initial stage to crowd fund TCR. Once we have assembled the right elements for a proper pitch, we will start a campaign. While this may seem risky, in actuality it isn’t. Several campaigns have done exceedingly well.

Royalties are never generalized and are determined by the type of work and the amount of work done. Royalties are only paid for finished work upon completion of the work and of the project. We are willing to negotiate a fair royalty rate for anyone involved. Freelance work for hire rules apply.

Open Positions
We are looking for multiple members to join our team and help further develop a truly innovative idea. Communication throughout the project would mostly be done through Skype, email and Pivot Tracker. We have a preference for those that are at least 18 years old and older.

If you don’t have the necessary skills in any of the open positions, apply anyway. You may have some skill, which can be utilized for the project at a later point, or a talent that just needs the right project to shine on.

Positions Currently Open -

Environment Artist
3D Artist
VFX Artist
UI Artist
Level Writer
Public Relations
Texture Artist
Team Count
Concept Artists 2/4
Environment Artists 0/3
3D Modelers 3/5
Animators 1/2
Level Designers 1/3
Character Artists 1/2
Sound Artist 2/2
VFX Artist 0/1
Programmers 1/2
UI Artist 1/2
Web Team 1/1
Writer 1/3
Texture Artist 0/1


Email- bill@billbrown3d.com
Skype – billbrown3d

Thank you, and we hope to work with you soon.

Requirements: must have portfolio

18 and older preferred

must be able to work well with others

Location: web

Contact info:
email - bill@billbrown3d.com
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