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Looking fer a 3D Modeler fer my Online Animated Show! ^.^

Posted: March 29, 2012
I am in need of a 3D modeler, someone who can model a character from either a drawing or a photograph. The models need to be at least semi-graphic, but not like insane difficult! The picture below is sort of an example of how graphic.

I am making an Online Show Series called "The Unsung Prophet" and I wanted to make it animated. Who ever wishes to help will get FULL credit and will have your name IN the credits of the show.
Any help will be much appreciated. I have been working on this project fer about 12-13 years now and really want it to come alive and get out there, I would model them myself but I'm only a writer and I only use Google Sketch-Up and yet I'm still not the best! ^.^ If the show becomes famous enough, maybe I'll make it a pay-to-watch and pay you. If you want to help with this big project, reply to this post! ^.^

~ Kevin Ryan Smith-Blake
Posted: April 26, 2012
Hi I'm willing to help, my email address is malcolm(dot)duncan7(at)gmail(dot)com