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Posted: March 23, 2012
Gio-Design is looking for 3D Artists job

Starting Date: 3/20/12, duration - 0/0/0

Job details: I am looking for a 3d artist / modeler to work side by side with me in modeling 3d Jewelry, watches, etc I have been modeling for a wide range of Designers for over 7 years and it got to a point where i am turning down work..

Experience / Software
looking for an advanced 3d modeler in 3ds Max or Maya that can do Polygon modeling, Spline Modeling for renderings not CAD.

I prefer local because allot of the Designs that will be modeled are exclusive and New, so it has not been marketed or produced before. Also the Designers don't want it anywhere but in my possession.

Please email me for more information


Armen N.

Requirements: 3ds Max
Polygon modeling
Spline Modeling

Location: Los Angeles

Contact info:
email - giodesign3d@yahoo.com
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