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Maniac Mansion remake project looking for character artist

Posted: March 22, 2012
Hey there,

we, the Meteor Mess 3D team, are looking for a character artist.

MM3D is a Maniac Mansion fan remake in 3D using Conitec's GameStudio A8 Pro engine. We're working on this project for about 4 years with a world-wide team. The scripting is already done (game is fully playable) so that the developers are just doing some bugfixing and script improvements. All 3D environments (rooms etc.) are done, too. Currently some polishing work is done on some last few rooms. Prequisites for the voice recordings are done, so that we can start the recording sessions soon.

But we need new characters and character animations. Currently we use some placeholders.

So ... if you are a character artist and have some experience in modeling low-poly characters for games AND if you would like to join the MM3D team ... just send us a PM or an email to:



As MM3D is a fan project we can't pay you any money (the release version will be available for free). But your work will be seen by a lot of people ... the MM3D showcase in the GameStudio board has more than 100.000 views.