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Monitor dilemma

Posted: March 09, 2012
Hello everybody. A computer programmer and the last 6 months I joined the 3d modeling world (mostly for games). I am currently using Blender for 3d modeling and animation and Photoshop for drawing, painting and texturing.

I found out that my 19'' monitor is to small for me so I want to change my monitor. I did my research and found out that I can afford one 24" or two 18.5" monitors.

I'm not sure what is the best choise for me so I would like some advice from the pros!
So my question is, should I get two 18.5'' or one 24''?
Will it be also handy to get an 24'' monitor and combine it with the 19'' monitor I currently own?

Thanx Smile
Posted: March 10, 2012
At least can anyone tell me anything about LG W2443T ?
Posted: March 13, 2012
Look for monitors with IPS matrix and I propose rather buying 24'' than two 18.5''
Combining it with 19'' you've got may be a good idea. Just try if it fits you Smile
Posted: March 13, 2012
Thanx for the reply Smile
Finally I decided to buy a more expensive screen rather than a cheap on. You get what you pay for!

Yesterday I ordered the HP ZR24w Very Happy I hope I made the right choice Razz
Also I am goint to combine the 19'' just for modeling and maybe keep my instant messenger and other distracting windows on that screen. I'll try it and let everyone know