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Visual Development Artist job

Posted: March 08, 2012
Original Force LTD,China is looking for Visual Development Artist

Starting Date: March,2012, duration - 1 year

Job details: Contract: Full-time
Start Date: March, 2012
Working Place: Beijing, China
Job Description: Artist will work closely with directors, art directors, producers and visual development artists to visually explore and design all aspects of short/feature animated film projects.

Requirements: Position Requirements:
1. Must have over 1 year experience and proven skill to developing concepts in 3D, includes sets, locations, props, characters, color and overall style.
2. Must have strong understanding of human and animal anatomy, design, 3D software, painting or digital media.
3. Must be flexible, willing to learn and be a motivated and motivating team player.
4. Must be open to direction and able to adapt to a broad range of tasks.
5. Able to collaborate with directors to help visualize their ideas.
6. Able to work within a production schedule.
7. Bachelorís degree in film or art is helpful but not required.

Salary & Benefits
1. Single/round air ticket
2. Free visa and service during employment period
3. Competitive Salary, it varies according to oneís standing in the industry. Please contact hrbj-ip@of3d.com for more information.

Location: Beijing,China

Contact info:
email - hrbj-ip@of3d.com
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