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3D Modeler, Animator, Textures

Posted: March 02, 2012
Hi everyone!

I am currently looking for a 3D modeler, Animator, and possibly someone to create textures. The person doesn't need to be pro as the project that my group is working on is a learning experience for us all, however the person needs to be able to meet deadlines and some experience is helpful.

What we need are a verity of citizens, just average citizens. And they just need to do average things, like walking, running, idle, and so on. Pretty basic animations, nothing real fancy needed. These are a few things needed lots more to go, but this will be a good start.

The models and animations will be used in the UDK, to create our up coming game. If your interested we would love to see what you can do, so email us at b2thed2 @ gmail