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3D Animators / Pre-viz animators job

Posted: February 27, 2012
Salary: Deferred Compensation

Two Independent Eyes Productions Inc. is looking for 3D Animators / Pre-viz animators

Starting Date: ASAP, duration - 2 Months

Job details: A team of USC graduate developers & professional filmmakers are looking for 3D animators and general animators to play a crucial role in creating a motion-capture demo. Throughout the Spring semester, a proof-of-concept will be developed in a Unity-powered game & short film. We are looking for students to join this fun and innovative project at a part-time basis. At the end of Spring 2012, your work will be showcased to Microsoft as the part of an incredible prototype which is pioneering a new motion-capture system. Possible negotiable deferred compensation available. Most work done remotely.

Recommended Software Experience: Maya. Familiarity with Zbrush and Unity 3D is a plus. Contact Christian Hall at Hallfilms@gmail.com for questions or submissions. Thank you!

Requirements: Maya. Familiarity with Zbrush and Unity 3D is a plus.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Contact info:
email - hallfilms@gmail.com
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