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Greed Character

Posted: February 22, 2012
This is for an animation I'm making for an assignment at university.
He's supposed to be a greedy businessman. Its required for the assignment to get feedback online so any critique however minor would really be helping me out.

Base mesh made in 3ds Max
Sculpted and textured in Mudbox

Posted: February 23, 2012
It's dark picture so I can't see details but looks interesting. I really like this evil face with its tiny black eyes Smile
Posted: February 23, 2012
Thanks. Evil was what what I was going for. I've never actually worked in Mudbox before so as a first attempt I'm fairly pleased.
I think the clothing could do with more work on it.

Here are some other pictures.

character sheet.jpg finalsmall2.jpg
Posted: February 24, 2012
So this is kind of tiny little bastard. I like him even more now Very Happy Nice idea for character Smile
Posted: March 22, 2012
veeeeeeeeeery ugly monster........
Posted: March 26, 2012
nice I also want to make something like this will you please suggest me how I can make in the same type.
Posted: March 26, 2012
What suggestions you actually need?. Draw your ideas and sculpt Smile