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BATESIAN - the collaborative film needs 3D Design

Posted: February 15, 2012
Hi Folks,

We are a group of independet filmmakers from Austria and we're producing a Scifi-film. The story is set in a fictional world in which people can exchange skills.

We're looking for designs (graphic designs, illustrations, 3D models, etc.) for the skill extraction device, skill shot and the inhaler used to consume the skill.

1) how you envision the "skill-extraction" device (how does it look like, how does it work, how many parts does it have,...)

2) the "skill containers" that come with the "skill-extraction" device (for example we thought that they could have 7LEDs to show how "full" they are).

3) functionality and design option the "skill inhaler" (wich is probably a highly individual, designed gadget)

4) the "skill capsules" that the 24hrs "skill shot" comes in - and is inserted into the inhaler for the skill to be inhaled and to take effect...

for more information check out the homepage: batesian(dot)org