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3D Modeler job

Posted: February 15, 2012
Salary: DOE

Pollin is looking for 3D Modeler

Starting Date: 3/1/12, duration - 6 months

Job details: We need 1,200 U.S. vehicle exteriors modeled. They do not have to be lifelike but also cannot be cartoonish. No articulation will be required but we will need to be able to lightly alter the renderings. We would like to hire HKV Studios from Turbosquid but cannot find contact information for them. We have a sizable but not endless budget for this.

Requirements: Will need to look over your extensive portfolio. You must be able to fulfill our very large order in relatively short order.

Location: remote

Contact info:
email - lethargiobass@gmail.com
phone - please email
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