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Augmented Reality

Posted: February 15, 2012

before i start i was not sure where to post this, so i chose 'news and events'. I don't know if anybody here might be interested in augmented reality, as i wasn't aware how far this technology got in the last time.

Well now that i'm currently working as an intern for a company who's made a cool app i was charged to spread the word. *ducks* Don't flame me, i'm not trying to sell anything :p.

Basically we are in need for models...

The app is free of charge, so if anybody want's to see their cool renderings on an iPhone/iPad go ahead and visit: www_ViewAR_com (ya as a droid owner i know what you want to say Wink) *ducks again*


Edit: Sorry, I must have been half asleep today here are some clarifications:
a) The app enables you to carry around your showcase anywhere you want.
b) The uploaded models remain as intellectual property of the respective uploader.
c) There may be some job opportunities for modelers in the future, we will see Smile

P.S.: Sorry for tweaking around the post link restrictions, this wasn't out of respect to the forum rules, i put the blame on my sleep schedule.