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Modelers and Animators for short film (Maya)

Posted: February 10, 2012
Hey guys!

I'm working on a short animated film for a graduation project. We've been in production for about 6 months now and are nearing the due date. We've got a couple of character models that need completion and some animations as well. All work is done in Maya. Please let me know if you're interested in helping out, any help would be greatly appreciated.

We will be sending the film out to festivals as soon as its done, so it may be some good experience Wink

You can email me for more info as well at fnabdou at gmail.

Posted: February 28, 2012
try advertising on facebook! it really helps... so i did with my project and got help. anyway, it's cheap to advertise there, but what counts is the way you write your ad.
good luck!