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freelance 3D animator job

Posted: February 09, 2012
Salary: 100$ plus screen credit plus more work after at full rate

7ate9 Entertainment is looking for freelance 3D animator

Starting Date: 2/8/12, duration - 1 month, possibly longer

Job details: 3D Riggers needed to rig all joints of monsters built in Lightwave and animate them doing things (6 second animations)

• eating a sandwich
• breakdancing
• blowing up a building

We will provide monsters in lightwave files. We are using Lightwave 3D version 9.6. The models are not rigged, and are without endomorphs.

Animators should deliver the entire scene w/ objects - they are welcome to create endomorphs for the objects.

Animators will get $100 for each character rigged and animated to satisfaction.
Besides for the fee, you will get on-screen credit and a great chance to be signed on for the full run of shows at your normal rate.

Once you sign the Non-Disclosure form and get it back to us,

(email them to jobs@7ate9.com ) we will give you the models. Thanks

Requirements: Lightwave 3D

Location: can be done remotley

Contact info:
email - jobs@7ate9.com
phone - 3239366789
address - 740 N. La Brea ave Los Angeles CA 90038
web site - http://www.7ate9.com
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