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Sci-fi 3D modeller/animator

Posted: February 02, 2012
Independent is looking for Sci-fi 3D modeller/animator

Starting Date: 20/02/12, duration - 22/03/12

Job details: We are currently in pre-production of a pilot for a new Sci-fi drama web series.

This is a collaborative venture titled 'Project:Cassini' (working title) an 8 part series exploring the theory of singularity, wormhole time-travel and the future of mankind.

With the completed pilot, a full series script, an established team and official web-based following, we seek to obtain significant funding for the full series.

We are looking for a talented 3D animator to create and render a bespoke photorealistic EEP (emergency escape pod) in a hand-full of shots to be used in the pilot episode. The pod is a key feature in the episode and as such needs to be of a good quality to reflect the series' high-end production values.

Requirements: The pilot must be completed before March 30th giving you approx 1 month to create the key shots.

Location: London

Contact info:
email - silentjc1@hotmail.com
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