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6 or more edges intersecting on a point bad?

Posted: January 27, 2012
sorry for the noob question but i searched all over the global net and cannot find the answers anywhere (so i presume these claims arent true...).

Is it bad to have intersections of at least 6 edges for building models for gaming? I finished a building but someone now tells me that i shouldnt have 6 point intersections. Is this true? Also, I made the roof and windows separate from the walls due to complexity and he tells me they must be unified as a single mesh if i want it used in gaming?? Is this true as well??

PLease help me i spent alot of time on this project only to have it uBer-DeNied Sad !!
Posted: March 05, 2012
I would think that they just want the model of the building to be lower poly most likely because if you have 6 intersections on 1 flat face then you could reduce the poly count. I've never heard about there being a problem with multiple intersections on the same edge and also the model should be 1 object and conneted if you are making these for games.