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finding a job in the industry can anyone give advice?

Posted: January 23, 2012

I've finished uni now I'm the hunt for a job. I'm from Australia I've applied companies in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Nearly all of the companies
require at least 3 to 5 of industry experience.

I have sent out 300 emails to different companies and studios to America, Canada and Europe.

Does anyone know of any websites, where I could look. I have already looked at cg society and the jobs list on this forum.

As well as just hired and career jet and other websites for jobs. Does anyone know of any other place that I might of missed?

Thanks James
Posted: January 23, 2012
You complete your study but you have no experience about any field then my advice for you that first you learn any skill and then you apply any industry.
Posted: January 23, 2012
I think Google is the best way to find everything.
Posted: January 24, 2012
why are you not trying some animation magazine and newspapers or studios
Posted: June 27, 2012
While most post-houses in Australia ask for experience, if your work is professional enough and they are very busy and having trouble sourcing freelancers (which is happening right now with Nuke artist) they might bring you on as a trainee. Otherwise, Animal Logic and most other companies are willing to look at work experience if your work shows promise. Usually the issue isn't finding work...its getting your work up to a standard they can use, which means practice, practice, practice on your part. Hope that helps!
Posted: July 03, 2012
give me a full background details for u & your which industries intrest.

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Posted: July 09, 2012
3d artist gallery RealSpace
If you are able to, then maybe offer to do an unpaid internship (3-4 weeks) to get your foot in the door and some experience.
Posted: September 11, 2012
Aaron Production
establish youtube channel and publish projects there.. you need to do a lot of work for free to have some decent showreel that you can show to future employer
Posted: October 22, 2012
polycount is probably the best.