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Fantasy character models job

Posted: January 19, 2012
Salary: Looking for a quote

Xenimus is looking for Fantasy character models

Starting Date: soon

Job details: I am looking for a price on a set of models. For example a standard human male wearing regular cloths, leather armor, chain armor, plate armor, a wizard robe, and maybe a more exotic elaborate armor. I would also need 3 or 4 different head options for this male for the player to choose from. I will do the programming to swap out the heads of course.

If the price on this was reasonable I would also then want the same thing for a set of females.

From this base set of male and female humans modifications could be made for a set of elves just by changing the heads. Then move from there to other races like half ogres, stronger looking barbarians, Lizard man, and a dark skinned monster type race.

Each set would spawn off the original humans in order to keep the amount of texturing down. Hopefully this would also save me some money on them as well. This could also be something your customers would really like because of the huge popularity of RPGs now I would think you could resell them easily. Plus your creating something very usable in a game with those options built in.

To summarize I need a price on creating the following models:
human male - regular cloths
human male - leather armor
human male - chain armor
human male - plate armor
human male - wizard robe
human male - exotic/elaborate armor
human male - 3 heads with different faces and interchangable hair that could also be removed if they are wearing helmets

human famale - same as male above.


Joe Thayer

Requirements: The final models need to be in a common format. 3DS or OBJ would be fine. Poly count needs to be kept low while still maintaining a nice looking model.

Location: Nashville TN

Contact info:
email - ejthayer@yahoo.com
web site - www.xenimus.com
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