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Indie MMO seeking 3d Artists! (Same engine as SWTOR)

Posted: January 19, 2012
Project Conquest


    2d Artists (textures/concept art)
    3d Artists/modelers

The game engine we are using requires that you have the ability to export using Maya/3dsmax, though if you use Blender or other programs, they are working on FBX support. So don't worry too much if you don't have Maya or Max yet, we'll work something out. Your work is what matters to us, we will find a way to put it ingame once it's created

This is a PROFIT SHARE OPPORTUNITY, not a salaried job at the moment

Of course, if our game is released and we make money, team members who contribute work will of course be fairly compensated for their work. However, don't expect to be making money right away. Our team is doing this out of our passion for games, and the desire to build a great game. Money is so far down the road at this point, that we will not even discuss it much until we have and actual game we can sell.

For Artists: We have bought models before, but we'd rather have you as part of our team. It may be a possibility for me to compensate good, committed artists on our team after MAJOR milestones, but I am not promising anything yet. This is still TBD, and it would definitely be based on individual discussion and the quality of your work.

About the project:

A survival MMO where everything is controlled by players. The setting we are considering is post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy, so a mutated human turning into a vampire, for example, would be in the realm of possibility in our setting.

This would let us create a dark gritty world, based on survival of the fittest. The world will be player run, trade, construction, and conflict will all be player driven. We realize that as a set of small indie devs, we will never be able to put out enough content for the players, so why not let the players create it themselves? Players should be able to build cities, form alliances, craft their own equipment, start wars, destroy enemy cities, hire guards, set up farms, etc.

Essentially there are no real factions. Players will be allowed to form groups and alliances at whim, no matter their race/class. This allows for spying, scheming, takeovers, and overall a living breathing world.

The idea is for endgame to be focused on world conflict and the constant search for more resources and power. The only way to get new gear is to capture mines/resources in the world, which will be held by other players. Razing an enemy city will allow you to plunder their resources, and destroy their base of operations.

Of course, for this type of game to work, there will need to be open PvP mechanics, but we'll have to carefully think about those mechanics as the game is developed to make sure they are not too frustrating/unbalanced/unforgiving.

Another feature we plan on implementing is engaging combat. Too many MMOs out there work under the same "click key cast spell" mechanics that feel stale and boring. We want to make combat a stylish affair, with dexterity and skill playing a bigger role than just what level and gear you have on does. Combos, parrying, blocking, dodging, these are all mechanics we are aiming to implement. This game is meant to be about warfare, after all.

Core mechanics:

Short term goals:

    Engaging combat (first on our list to implement)
    Capturable zones
    Craftable gear
    Open PvP/loot mechanics

Long term goals:

    Hirable NPCs
    City building
    Capturable resource zones
    Destructible buildings

About me:

I work as a professional programmer/developer, with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I know several different programming languages, database programming, web programming, and game programming. I have developed mods since I was young, starting with Quake.

I have also successfully released a Total Conversion for Max Payne 2 titled "Hall of Mirrors", a game based on the movie Equilibrium. It was a two year long project. The mod was heavily recognized in the community, and has been featured in many major gaming publications such as PCGamer, who interviewed me, and other PC gaming magazines. To this day the mod has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times (at least that I know of, it has also been distributed by other people, since its free).

We have a good set of programmers on our team. I myself am invested heavily in the project and code (I am not an armchair "leader" I am a team member as well and have my own work to contribute). I have several friends who are also developers with varying levels of game development experience. I am also connected to several game developers in the industry, from concept artists at Blizzard, to former team members working at Gearbox.

Below, you may find the Hall of Mirrors website. To note the level my commitment further, also let me mention that I learned how to animate in 3ds max in order to complete the project. I created all of the combat animations myself since I could not find anyone in the community to help out at the time.

Hall of Mirrors mod website
homdotpaynereactordot com
^ had to break link to be able to post this, new poster and all
(this site is very old by the way, don't judge too harshly! It was put together in a few spare minutes when I was in college)

Please contact me here or email me if you are interested. We can discuss things further then.