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contract 3D work job

Posted: January 18, 2012
Salary: ?

n/a is looking for contract 3D work

Starting Date: n/a, duration - n/a

Job details: I have an idea for a futuristic transportation system, described here...


I'm looking for someone with an existing city model who could drop my existing vehicle model (multiple copies) into that city to render videos showing the system in operation. This is just a hobby of mine, so I can't really afford to pay much, but with the right person I would be willing to pay for work.

Requirements: - Access to existing city model (because I can't afford the cost of building one from scratch).

Location: Campbell, California

Contact info:
email - garydstark@gmail.com
phone - 408-210-8734
web site - http://www.PRTProject.com
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