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Help me for the love of God...

Posted: January 16, 2012
Hey all. I'm fairly new to unwrapping and texturing and I'm having the most annoying problem. I unwrapped a model that I made quite a while ago, and for some reason I get these big white lines across the seams. They get bigger as the camera moves. I know it's probably something simple, but I don't know how to fix this and it's driving me mad. They don't go away even when I have most of the map as a flat colour. I've tried changing the unwrap using unfolding and planar mapping, but nothing worked, so I just went back to how it was. Anyway, any help would be incredibly appreciated.
Posted: January 17, 2012
3d artist gallery Andyba
What software are you using? Can you attach a screen shot or a sample so that we see what you are writing about?
Posted: January 18, 2012
Thanks for the reply. I'm using photoshop and 3DS Max. For some reason it isn't allowing me to post images Confused
Posted: June 19, 2012
3d artist gallery Andyba
Do you see the lines while rendering as well?
Posted: September 29, 2012
you should post three topic and you will be allow to post images