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Artist for animated and biped Dinosaur model

Posted: January 13, 2012

I am working on a freeware project for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.
This week i made some tests to get startet but i was struggling by one thing.

I need a 3DS Max or a .3ds file of a dinosaur (whatever kind of...) fully animated (running, walking) and biped. I bought one online, but a problem increased: The Simulator (FSX) only supports a max of 22 bones.
The model i bought has 53.

I am less experienced in 3DS Max. So i am looking for someone who could create one dinosaur model (realistic) with a max of 22 bones.
Maybe you also have something somewhere in your stock...

Or someone who can reduce the bones of my already downloaded model. But as i heard, it is pretty impossible to change the number of bones in an existing model.

Thank you!